Henry Stickmin
Henry Stickmin
Henry Stickmin from 'Breaking the Bank"






"Breaking the Bank", "Escaping the Prison", and "Stelling the Dimond"


Before GamesEdit

NOTE: There is no Offical Bio before Henry Stickmin's Games, This area has been added for pepole the Make there own Theroys of it. DO NOT EDIT ANYONE ELSES THEORY UNLESS YOU PLAN TO FIX GRAMMER ISSUES!

Xman321's TheoryEdit

Henry Stickmin is a Criminal, well, some could say that, but Henry hasn't had much Luck in the Criminal Bissniss, He has Been Laughed at time and Time again for his Failures, On the Plus Side, He has Managed to not get caught once. Deciding to Try one more Time, He Heads to a Bank.

Breaking the BankEdit

NOTE: Spoilers may occur from here, if you do not want to be spoiled, Skip intill you see another Sign

After Finding a Bank, Henry hopes to sucseed this time. He try many Ways to get into the bank (In any order you Choose), Finnaly ending by Discuising himself as a bag. To make a long story short, it doesn't work, and he gets sent to jail

Escaping the PrisonEdit

After being sent into Prison, He gets a package, and Because of a Lazy Cop, you get something of your choice to help you escape, the story starts from there, and he escapes.

Stealing the DimmondEdit

After escaping Prison, Stickmin watches some TV, he sees an Advertisment on the TV about a Diamond in a new Museum, Stickmin wants to steal it for money, so he Sets off to do it.


Escaping the PrisonEdit

Henry can Escape in Three ways, The Sneaky way, the Lame Way, and the Badass way.

The Lame WayEdit

Henry calls Phineox White to help him in court, after giving some evidence, Henry is consetered NOT GUILTY. After getting out, Henry Races after a Bank Truck.

The Sneaky WayEdit

Henry escapes by Climbing to the roof of the Building, and Climbing down with plungers, he walks away, Yay.

The Badass WayEdit

Henry is facing off with The Police Deputy and the Rest of the Police, they shoot and Henry dodges Matrix Style, The rest of the Police becomes so Scared. that they let Henry walk outside. Henry sees a Police Car on the way out, and Starts driving it.

Stealing the DimmondEdit

You can Steal the Dimmond in three ways, the Undetected way, the Aggresive Way, and The Epic Way.

The Undetected WayEdit

After taking the Diamond outside, you drop it on the guard outside, Then you Bathe in Money!

The Aggresive WayEdit

You are cornered at the end of a road, to escape you kick the Diamond off the road and jump off, you wake up and celebrate.

The Epic WayEdit

A Giant robot comes out of nowhere, you Run out without the Diamond, but the Diamond flys out to you anyway.